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Who are we ?
Question everything, accept nothing!

We are a dynamic team of enthusiasts who like to work with people and technology.
We like to inspire organizations with often simple solutions.
We are curious, learn, ask questions and try to improve ourselves constantly.


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Why do we exist ?
Everyone is responsible!

Too often we all make decisions based on faulty information and fake news.
We care for people and families. That drives us to help them with insights in different matters.
Moral and care for humanity is getting lost in the online world where you don’t know the other.
We make it more personal like in the real world.


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How do we do that ?
Make a difference, one small step at the time!

We fight for what most have given up. Information on the internet you can trust.
We believe we can still make a difference. Just by improving trustworthiness one small step at the time.
We help individuals and organizations with their internet information and how to prove their trustworthiness



What do we do ?
We help people with sharing TRUE knowledge.

We help people with insights in daily topics, so they get a better understanding about the decisions they make.
We help organizations in caring for individuals and being trustworthy.


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Share True knowledge

Our mission is simple: Share TRUE knowledge!

We do that by:
+ helping families with insights on “daily subjects to make better decisions”
+ helping families with tips on “insights in different matters and which information to trust”
+ helping organizations have a more secure presence on the internet
+ helping organizations how to be more caring, transparent and trustworthy
+ helping governments on having better policies which protect families better



For us: It’s all about persons and families.

Our values are important with everything we do. We:
+ work together with a spark in our eyes. We have fun!
+ empower people with insights and knowledge. And we have a lot!
+ put people first. That’s how we succeed together.
+ make a difference. We don’t quit where others do.
+ are flexible and listen to others
+ use to think in solutions
+ are transparent, we have sincerity i focus.
+ Keep believing in the good of humanity



Weevil started in the Netherlands in 2006 as an IT consultancy firm. A shared passion of two colleagues who had passion for technique. In 2013 it adopted the name Weevil and we opened a second branch in Sweden.