Weevil Consultants care about working with people.

Our consultants understand that consultancy is about change and that organization development is about how the people in the organization work together and embrace that change. Weevil consultants have a genuine interest in the people of the organization and in the goals and values of the organization. We keep the people and the values in mind when we help our customers with their strategy.

Project Management

Project managers are organized, passionate and goal-oriented people. They are change agents: The goal becomes their own and they use their expertise to inspire a sense of shared ownership within the project team. They enjoy the challenges and the responsibility of reaching the goal and driving the business results.

Weevil has highly skilled and motivated project managers who love the project challenges and responsibilities. Weevil has delivered projects for clients in the government, the financial, medical and healthcare sector. Often we work with difficult systems that need to be connected and up-and-running 24×7 like medical systems. Our project managers understand the importance and have the knowledge to do just that!

Process automation IT / Domotica

Process automation allows the processes in your organization to be controlled by your computer system. The computer monitors the output of your production line and can optimize the process to lower the costs of production. Weevil has experience in implementing process automation in different settings, from production areas to hospitals and from government agencies to assisted living homes.

The possibilities of domotica or automation are numerous: automation can save you time and recourses you would otherwise need to monitor the process manually, or can aid elderly to live in their own home longer. But we are always critical and ask questions like: “Does this technology TRUELY contribute to the people who use it ?”. Often it does not. We implement automation and technology that does.

IT Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure is the heart of all IT within your organization. It is extremely important to have a sound base from which your IT environment can be build. Weevil knows how to build a solid and secure architecture for your infrastructure and advise you with what will work for your organization (e.g. in house, outsourcing, online platform).

Weevil can build and maintain your IT-infrastructure for you, or we can support you in building and maintaining your system. Outsourcing your IT maintenance means you are owner of your own systems while Weevil keeps your systems up-to-date and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Together with our consultant you decide on a tactical and strategic level what is best for your IT systems. Weevil knows the IT-infrastructure and keeps you updated on relevant new technologies and developments.

Outsourcing your IT-maintenance means that the costs are clear right from the start. No surprises afterwards. The service level and prize will be documented to your wishes. We will discuss the status of the IT-infrastructure and advice you on possible and necessary changes on a regular basis.

When you do not wish to outsource your IT-infrastructure, but need some support with maintenance or upgrading, Weevil is your knowledge partner. Your employees can keep to their job without having to know all technologies in depth. Together we decide what path to take to optimize your IT- infrastructure so it meets your demands and wishes best. In the process, your employees gain additional knowledge on the subject.

In case you do not want to buy your own software of hardware, Weevil offers the option of IT-lease. No large IT-investments at once means there is room to invest the budget in other parts of your business.

IT Architecture

Designing a solid IT infrastructure is the basis for a solid and smooth running system. This design needs a number of building blocks to make it dependable. We have years of experience in building different IT systems. We can help you figure out which particular components are best for your organization. Weevil is experienced in designing both smaller and large IT infrastructure. Whether you work in an industrial environment or have an office to run, Weevil can help you set up a solid IT infrastructure.